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ADVANCED is an IT services company. Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and was established in 1999, leading provider of IT consulting and software development and solution integrations services.

Our clients, represent a cross-section of all industries and rely on ADVANCED for many different IT services, solutions, and complex system integration tasks.

ADVANCED is proud of its product XOPASS; One Platform All Security System. Years of working in system integration and many domains of security spectrums have resulted in the birth of XOPASS. The platform/system manages the integration of different third parties products/services, and layers a workflow manage-system on top of it.

To make life easier, XOPASS internally handles all complexes of different technologies platforms and display devices. XOPASS is the gateway to develop custom single-login complex security system projects, with many third parties product and services integrated.


It’s a complete suit for Command and Control Centers with primary goal to manage and automate the multi-disciplinary (Security, Civil Affairs, Fire brigade, Red Crescent, Najm) dispatching of emergency vehicles for the security operation. JC4i suit consists of four major modules named Call-Taker, Dispatcher, First Responder, Commander Reporting and Admin. Each module designed to work role based authentication and authorization to grant or revoke privileges (done by administrator user in Admin module).

Registration of an event starts from receiving telephony call/text/mobile application followed by dispatching of emergency vehicles according to priority, monitoring of registered events, the closing of an event and dashboard access based on user rights. Call takers can access caller location and render it on maps. JC4i provide registered events list view with the current status to help dispatcher to assign appropriate coverage vehicle to the event. JC4i empowered with memorandum and emergency alert option (generation and visualization) feature which improves the communication between different users of the system. JC4i also has additional custom modules and integration capability with third-party systems.

Supervisor users may monitor all the registered events with detailed view on maps. Commander Reporting module also equipped with number of reports which including GIS, graphical and statistical.

Blaghi mobile based app that was built as a backbone to 911, to handle complex vertical and horizontal integrations with different governments and private stakeholders.

In collaboration with giant biometric companies such as NEC/tascent by establishing partnerships and alliances; ADVANCED has mastered the integration skills to develop state of the art biometric systems on top of powerful backend biometric engines, and providing comprehensive and custom solutions for both government and privet sectors.

Some of Parking Survey reporting services include:

  • Parking Supply Inventory Report
  • Parking Demand Report
  • Parking Supply vs. Demand Report
  • Traffic Counting Right-In vs. Right-Out Report
  • Parking Survey Conclusion

Web Access Tracking System (WATS) is a web-based, real-time fleet management system. Multiple organizations can manage their fleets through this online system.

Some of WATS System basic features/settings:

  • Organizations
  • Regions/Centers
  • Vehicle Groups/Vehicles
  • User Groups/Users
  • Vehicle Zones
  • Vehicle Maintenance Plans
  • Vehicle Routes
  • Vehicle Live Tracking
  • Vehicle History Tracking
  • Map Layers
  • Logging and Tracing
  • Alerts and Alarms
  • Routes/Maintenance Plans/Alarms Reporting
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ADVANCED has worked in the following fields:

  • Virtual reality and simulation (ADVANCED XanaduX Engine)
  • Call Centers
  • Mobile App Development
  • GIS remote sensing / Debugging / Reporting
virtual reality
virtual reality
virtual reality

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